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Vehicle Maintenance

We provide full service oil changes: in addition to replacing the oil and filter, we check and top off all fluids, check tire pressure, brake wear, belts and hoses, and check filters.


Engine Installation

We are proud to partner with Jasper Engines to provide quality engine replacement with their 3 year/100,000 mile warranty.


Brake Jobs

Pads and rotors, drums and shoes, calipers, bearings, or brake lines - we can make sure your vehicle is able to keep you safely stopping on the road.


Battery Test/Change

Think your battery is going bad? We can test it for you and replace it, if needed, with a battery and a long-lasting warranty.



From catalytic converters to oxygen sensors - we've got you covered for your exhaust needs. We also build exhausts, including custom exhaust work.


Vehicle Checkovers

Want to make sure your vehicle is road-worthy for a long trip? Thinking about buying a new/used vehicle? Let us check it over for you so you know what to expect.



Window not rolling up (or down)? Let us help you with regulators, motors, switches, and more.


Heating and A/C

Radiators, heater cores, blower motors, compressors, etc. We can help your vehicle stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Ignition Interlocks

When you need your license back after a DUI, often the fastest way to regain it is with an ignition interlock system. We install Intoxalock products.


Computer Diagnostics

Have an engine light on your dash? Let us use our computer diagnostics systems to scan your vehicle and determine what may be causing the issue.

Need one of these repairs? Give us a call now!
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