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Meet Our Team

Dicky Copeland

Dicky opened this business in May of 2013. Dicky started his own business because of the love he has had for cars ever since he was a small child. He has always been fascinated by how things work, and he loves to be challenged! His most important goal in life is to glorify God in all that he does - and that includes every business decision he makes. He will always strive to do what is right for his employees and for his customers - that's why you will often get to interact with him personally when you come to the shop.

Dicky Copeland, Dicky's Doghouse
Crystal Weaver
Service Advisor

Crystal joined our team in March of 2021 and we are thrilled to have her. She is organized, efficient, and great with customers. The shop babies especially like her kind heart [and all of the yummy snacks she brings ;) ]. Give her a call and she will gladly get you scheduled and take care of your vehicle for you.

Charlie Nealis

Charlie joined our team in June of 2021. He is outgoing, energetic, and very knowledgeable about vehicles. He prides himself on his diagnostic skills, and his eye for detail is proving to be a great asset for the shop. He loves sharing his automotive knowledge, and, if asked, would be happy to explain in detail anything you want to know about what is wrong with your vehicle.

Open Position

We are currently seeking a third mechanic to join our team full-time. If you or someone you know is an experienced mechanic, please contact us!

Kayla Morrow
Office Administrator

Kayla has been with our team since January of 2014. She handles the financials, the marketing, and the miscellaneous needs of the shop!

Gideon Morrow

Gideon has been coming and brightening our shop with laughter for 4 years now - since he was about 6 weeks old! He has recently begun a mini-mechanic training course that involves carrying parts to the boys in the shop and hiding miscellaneous tools (when he can get his hands on them).

Hosanna Morrow
Shop Baby
(Doghouse Darling)

Hosanna is the youngest member of the Doghouse family! She recently turned 18 months and she is a joy to have around. She is most likely to be found running back and forth in the office area, climbing chairs, playing with her brother, or shamelessly begging for food.

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Eric Voris

Eric joined the Doghouse family in August of 2020. He has been an incredibly valuable addition to our team. If you come in for an oil change, or now for tires, he will be the technician taking care of your vehicle and when you receive your Inspection Report you will feel confident that your vehicle has received a thorough service!