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Women in Our Auto Repair Business

March 8th is International Women's Day, and we wanted to let everyone know about the women who have helped to make this business the success that it is today.


Bekah Copeland

Bekah is Dicky's wife and joint partner in this auto repair business. She is supportive of all his endeavors, encourages him every step of the way, and listens intently when he needs a sounding board for his ideas. She brings food to the shop when Dicky is too busy to leave for lunch, and comes and spends time here if he needs to work late at night. She also is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help Dicky with things like tearing out walls around the shop, or building the customer bathroom! When we do some more remodeling this spring, she will be there, tools in hand.

Bekah and Dicky together

Sasha Backus

Sasha is Dicky's daughter, and she helped him start the business back in May of 2013. She went from being a stay-at-home mom to working full-time running the office, ordering parts, paying the bills, and doing everything she needed to support Dicky's new business venture. Now she has handed the reins over to some others, but she still supports the business by making sure that we are well stocked with snacks, drinks, and other supplies. You can also check out all of the jewelry and fun items that she has for sale in the sitting area!

Sasha and Dicky at the repair shop

Kayla Morrow

Kayla began working at the shop at the beginning of 2014, as a fill-in so Sasha could have a few days off. She went from filing papers and ordering parts at the beginning to being given the title of Chief Financial Officer and paying all of the bills, doing payroll, and paying taxes. She also designed the website, runs the social media sites, and is in charge of marketing and any miscellaneous tasks that don't fall under other headings. Dicky even bought a crib and a glider to keep at the shop so that she could keep working for him after she had her baby (Shop Baby Gideon, little mechanic in training).

Crystal Voss

Crystal also first began working at the shop as a fill-in for Sasha when Kayla had morning classes. She still fills in occasionally when she's needed, but her current role for the business is coming in a couple of times a month and cleaning the front of the shop. Auto repair is a greasy business (obviously) and the busy pace of the day to day work leaves little time for the other employees to do any deep cleaning. She is a lifesaver and keeps the Doghouse nice and clean for all of our customers and office employees - including the Shop Baby who somehow finds dirt everywhere he goes.

Crystal full of joy

Jennifer Mason

Jennifer is our CPA, and she is the bolts that hold the vehicle together. She keeps an eye on the big picture finances, gives knowledgeable advice when Dicky is making decisions about where to invest the company's resources, and answers all of Dicky's tax questions as they arise. She comes in once a week and uses her incredible organization skills and experience to give Dicky a financial summary that he finds indispensable. Getting to see her (or finding the little notes she leaves) brightens the day for the rest of those in the office.

Jennifer and her daughter

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